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Celebrating Men,Satisfying Women ® , the two-day workshop for women that transforms their relationships with ALL men is available across the US.    For details on this and other workshops, Click “Dates & Location” tab, then search for the workshop you are looking for or browse through our curriculum ~


  • Do you meet men who are emotionally unavailable?
  • Do you think men are selfish or self-absorbed?
  • Are you getting mixed messages from men?
  • Do you do a lot for men but feel unappreciated?
  • Do men tune you out?

It’s time for you to get more from men – more of what you want and more of what you need.

Thousands of women, single and married, dating and not dating, have benefited from the new understanding of men and the tools that Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women provides.

Imagine living in a world where all the men in your life show you love, respect and adoration.

In Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women you will:

Honor Yourself

  • Discover how to continue to be strong and successful yet not intimidating
  • Expand your ability to receive from men without feeling passive or weak
  • Feel more powerful and in control of your life

Demystify Men and Inspire the Behavior You Want

  • Discover how we bring out the worst in men and drive them away
  • Learn how to listen to men so they reveal their inner-selves to you
  • Learn how to speak to men so they hear you and are motivated to act
  • Understand how to get what you need from men
  • Experience more expressions of love, affection, respect and intimacy

A panel of typical men will blow your mind as they candidly answer questions like

  • What female qualities are irresistible to men?
  • What do men love and admire about women?
  • If you are single, what would have you want to marry a woman?
  • If you are married, what keeps you happily married?
  • What makes a woman approachable?
  • What do you admire about your mother?
  • What’s great about working with women?

Learn more about Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women and how thousands of women have changed their lives in just one weekend.